Tour Tall Grass Farm

Learn Everything About Louisiana’s Favorite Food

Crawfish Farm group field tours in Jeff Davis Parish operate from March to May (the crawfish harvest season) Monday – Friday mornings. Spectators will experience the habitat, harvest, calculation, distribution, and consumption of Louisiana’s #1 crustacean. The tours are for groups of 10 or more and must be booked in advance. If you don’t have a group, call and ask if there is a group booked on your date, and you may be able to join in!

What to Expect

Jeff Davis Parish Tourist Commission offers field trips and group tours for prospective tourists and seekers. The crawfish tour begins with a visit to Tall Grass Farm, where the crawfish’s habitat and harvesting process are showcased. Participants will stand on a dock over a pond while Burt Tietje instructs the process. Viewers will also hear about the biology of the species, such as dietary information, pond ecology, and harvesting equipment.

After visitors finish their lesson on harvesting crawfish, a trip to the I-10 Crawfish Cooperative begins the explanation of the marketing sector. The I-10 Cooperative will demonstrate the cleaning, grading, and distribution process. Visitors will attain an appreciation of the labor required to supply content for famous crawfish boils. End your tour at the Gator Chateau, where you can learn all about Alligators and even hold a baby!

Finish your tour with a visit to our Gator Chateau. When your group arrives at the Gator Chateau, one of our alligator handlers will give a lesson on the gators- everything from their habitat, what they eat, how they grow, to how we care for them at our facility. After the lesson, you can hold one of our baby gators and take a picture with them. Don’t forget to bring a little spending money to shop for our gator souvenirs in our new Visitor Center gift shop! All proceeds from the gift shop go toward our Gator program!

Tour cost is $10.00 per person (ages 3 and up). Teachers, bus drivers, and home school organizers are free with the group!