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 3rd Annual 


2017’s 3rd Annual Battle of the Bows is dedicated in memory of the Legendary Cajun Fiddle Player, Mr. Varise Connor. Every year, the board will honor a different, local fiddle player.

The Battle of the Bows Cajun Fiddle Competition is open to Cajun Style Fiddle playing of all ages and performance levels. There is no registration fee for the 2017 event but you MUST REGISTER to compete. You can download the Rules & Regs, and the Registration Form at the bottom of this page.

Trophies & Cash Prizes will be Awarded!

Deadline for registration is TBA

There are 5 Divisions in the 2017 Competition

Youth division: Age 12 and under, on or before October 1, 2017
Junior division: Age 13 – 18, on or before October 1, 2017
Adult division: Age 19 and older, on or before October 1, 2017
Professional Division: All ages
Twin Fiddle Competition

Event Tickets will be sold in advance, check back for dates and locations!

2016 Battle of the Bows
Cajun Fiddle Competition Winners

Youth Category
1st Place, Ana Thibodeaux – 2nd Place, Eli Schmidt – 3rd Place, Alyssa Rae Theriot

Junior  Category
1st Place, Ailee Pardi – 2nd Place, Mary Harris – 3rd Place, Adeline Miller

Adult Category
1st Place, Travis Benoit – 2nd Place, Ron Yule – 3rd Place, Jane Dupuis Labbie

Professional Category
Kevin Wimmer

Twin Fiddle Category

Youth, Ana Thibodeaux and Alyssa Theriot

Junior, Mary Harris and Adeline Miller

Adult, Ron Yule and Delmer Sonnier

Professional, Jamie Bearb and Jason Bergeron