Labor Market

Labor Force

The Louisiana Department of Labor preliminary December 2014 figures show the following statistics:

Statistic Number Percentage
Labor Force 15,052 100.0%
Total Employment 14,269 94.3%
Unemployment 783 5.9%


Employers have reported little trouble in finding qualified applicants who are willing to work for competitive wages, a fact aided by the large labor pool. The existence, within parish commuting distance, of the Sowela Regional Technical Institute and the Jefferson Davis Technical Institute also contributes to the growing labor force.

The abundance of skilled labor has been so prominent statewide that, in recent plant expansions, managers have experienced a 4-1 ratio of applicants to available positions, according to Louisiana Job Service representatives. The turnover rate has been described by plant managers as "very light," ranging from 10-15% in a given area.

Current Employment Distribution

The December 2014 Labor Department figures show that employment for Jefferson Davis Parish includes approximately 14,269 individuals. The businesses having the largest numbers of employees are services, retail trade, and manufacturing.

Employment Income (1998 to 2013)

Statistic 1998 1999 2009-2013
Total Personal Income $507,735 $511,568 $850,131
Per Capita Personal Income $16,082 $16,280 $26,908


Louisiana's Average Hourly Earning, July 2000

Statistic Rate (in USD)
Durable Goods 14.28
Lumber & Wood Products 11.01
Stone, Clay & Glass Products 13.62
Fabricated Metal Products 14.28
Machinery, ex. Electrical 15.18
Electric & Electronic Equipment 16.90
Transportation Equipment 16.07
Nondurable Goods 17.79
Food & Kindred Products 10.33
Apparel & Other Textile Products 6.92
Paper & Allied Products 19.44
Printing & Publishing 13.78
Chemicals & Allied Products 24.12
Petroleum & Coal Products 24.22
Mining 16.22
Communications & Public Utilities 15.21
Banking 10.56
Petroleum Refining 25.11

Labor Relations

Louisiana is a right-to-work state, ranking 31st in percentage nationwide for unionization among non-agricultural workers. Louisiana's right-to-work law stipulates that individuals may not be denied the right to work because of membership or non-membership in labor unions.

Employers cannot require employees to become or remain members of a labor union, or demand that dues be paid to a union as a condition for employment. The state's ranking in least amount of man-hours lost indicates that the labor arrangements function well for both employers and employees.

Training Programs

Louisiana Quickstart

The Department of Education coordinates Quickstart, a program that is available to new and expanding companies. It provides industry with a pool of skilled and productive employees for immediate work when a plant opens.

Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA)

More than $100 million of federal money is currently available to Louisiana for training and employment programs through the JTPA. More JTPA funding per capita is made available to Louisiana than to any other state. On-the-Job Training (OJT), helps employers cut training costs in half by providing a 50% reimbursement of salaries for a training period of up to six months.

Job Opportunity Bridge

The Job Opportunity Bridge operates on a volunteer basis through the cooperation of Job Service employees and area employers. Each week a different employer from the area presents job openings to both the unemployed and those seeking to improve their present job situation. Training and educational programs are also provided.

Job Service

Job Service is a federally funded program maintained by the Louisiana Department of Employment and Training, with files containing the largest supply of qualified job seekers in the state. Job listings which cannot be filled on a local basis are fed into a computerized system.

This system makes job orders available to placement interviewers in offices across the state. Employers may also use the facilities of any of the statewide Job Service offices to carry out a prospective employee search. An employer may advertise a job opening in any area of the state and have a representative conduct interviews in Job Service offices where qualified applicants are available.

The Job Service has an office in Lake Charles.

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